BLOCKTHAT! (blok~that) V.~ 1. The act of preventing something by either word or deed. 2. An exclamation used after someone has successfully prevented someone or something by word or deed.

My name is Matt and this Blog is populated by my meanderings through life. I’ve had a ‘BlockThat!’ blog since 2005. I started it with my buddy Patrick and first hosted it on Blogger. I made the migration to WordPress in 2010. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the WordPress community. Everyone for the most part is great. I have a handful of wonderful followers and am always able to read some great posts and opinions about a litany of topics.

I’m a reservist in the Marine Corps where I work in public relations, social media and journalism/photography.  I’m an Independent and non-denominational Christian. In a few months I’ll have my Bachelors of Science of Communication/Small Group Organization from East Carolina University.

Welcome to BlockThat! I hope you enjoy your stay and visit often.





3 comments on “About

  1. Hey, I noticed on your blog posts you mentioned you have been applying to marketing/social media jobs. Im guessing you have a good understanding of creating an online presence, I was wondering if you have any advice?


    • There are tons of things you can do. I would recommend getting on LinkedIn and connecting your blog to a Tumblr/Facebook page. I have mine connected and every time I post here it populates a FB and Tumblr. Make sure you are a ‘liking’ and commenting on blogs that is one of the best ways to get out there. People seeing and sharing your posts.

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