3 comments on “EMOTIONS. Where are they and why have they gone?

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  2. I think most men who are emotionally imbalance are crazy because they keep on saying even keep writing on their personal blog that they understand women (maybe only in words but not indeed). It was the very first time I’ve experienced such a so embarrassing incident with this guy whom I thought to be a true friend. I can’t help my self to think about it everytime I read about emotional issues regarding men. I just keep everything to myself and never tell anyone, am just seeking advice to other blogs without leaving my true identity it’s all because for him, my respect for him. I really don’t know him that much, met him tru a friend, am visiting his blogs. Don’t understand my feelings with him why I trusted him that easily. How come he could able to block me after telling an important truth. Yeah he did it without giving me any chance to explain an important thing with him…you see isn’t he…that weird….well anyway maybe it’s a blessing because if he’s true to his words, if he’s a GENTLEMAN either, at least he should let me explain and won’t ever tried to block me…then I was thinking that this guy has that bad intention on me…Oh my gosh…I just look at it as “it’s his loss” NOT “it’s my loss.”….I truly deserve someone who will love and respect me. He can’t buy true friendship and if ever he will keep that attitude I think he will go to nowhere….And when it comes to TRUE FRIENDS, I focus on QUALITY not quantity, lettin’ him find my value. I think he’s not only gettin’ crazy, he is exactly crazy to do that mess…Yes now I’m angry with him, and hope that he would able to read this (I know he’s reading), because he never gave me a chance to show how I love and care for him….he let me fall then when I’m ready to be in that relationship he left me…what kind of man is he…but I admit it, I’m still missing him 😦 … oh no…am I too a weird?… ohhh ..better leave him alone! Period.

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