One comment on “I Love My Wife…

  1. Matt, Wow what a sweetheart you are! Marriage is definately a hobby and a job, I agree totally. I am so glad that Mandy makes you this happy and is so willing to follow you in your adventures. I know you would be willing to do the same for her. I admire families who can move so often and live through deployments and re-enlistments, it sure is a hard life. Having children i’m not sure it would be so easy to relocate so often and deal with deployments. Going through our new job situation in all the discussions we have had about should we move or stay, should we take the job or not? I have found that in my marriage I know we can lean on eachother and as long as we have that then we can withstand a whole lot. I have found a new US during this process of hard times these last few months, I hope that my husband knows just how much I love him and appreciate his efforts to make this family strong. I hope that he sees me, in our own circumstances, the way you see your wife. This is a very inspirational blog and I am happy to say I know and love both of you a heck of a lot.

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