3 comments on “Ryan Weemer, Real American Hero…

  1. I don’t think we can get too self-righteous here. What seperates us from the animals is our ability to discern right from wrong. This guy – after a day of doing amazing, heroic things – still had the choice to make, and it sounds like he made the wrong one.Holding a Marine accountable for murder isn’t “meddling in the affairs of Marines during a time of war.” Rather, that accountability is in keeping with the standard set and adhered to by 98% of all other Marines at war. Excusing law-breaking isn’t good for the nation, and it isn’t good for the Marine Corps.As long as the Marine gets a fair trial, justice is being accomplished. Sucks for him that they found out, but now that they have, he’s still as accountable as he was the moment he killed that Iraqi.

  2. I think you’ve become jaded since you’ve left the Corps…I’m of the school of thought that brotherhood supersedes how lawmakers would like us to conduct the action of war.

  3. Bro, it’s not even about brotherhood! If I came up and punched you in the face would brotherhood keep you from kicking my ass? No. The point is, there are consequences (sp?) for our actions. Marines make choices every day as to who gets to live and who needs to die, and there are basic standards for these decisions. I had these standards in Afghanistan. My buddy Klay South killed lots of people in Iraq, but only the people who needed killing. War does not equal murder.Much Luv,Lydsfeld

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