2 comments on “Great Weekend…Great Friends…Muses….Yonker

  1. JOHN! JOOOHN! WOOO! JOHN BON! JOHN BON JOVI! AAOWW! WOOO! First of all, this is a big story, dude. Read the papes! This thing is huge! Basically, what happened: the authour of this here blog, Phat Matt, went for a kick-ass concert on the sly…and this BITCH hotel, Best Western, totally cockblocked him! Simple as that! Now, his good bro, John the Front Desk guy, they were in the same pledge class, he got arrested for rape, they used to call him Hambone. HAMBONE! CHECK IT OUT! HAMBONE! Anyway, the papers called him “Two twin bed rapist.” He was clockblocked by some bitch. Best Western is a bitch, Kid Rock’s a bitch, but John Bon’s cool ’cause he’s out looking for a BJ! Give it up, John! AAOWW! JOHN! Jon Bon…livin’ on a prayer! JOHNNY! AAOWW! Anyway, Johnny broy…he broke rule numero uno: do not dip your pen in the company ink! Am I right? AOW! Dude, I remember this bro, Douche Doug Douche, he was the COOLEST! You don’t even KNOW! He was the COOLEST! Anyway, we were having this slave auction fundraiser, and we’re all…we’re all out on the party porch…and, uh…[starts to get choked up] and there were way too many people out there, and…the porch gave way, and…Douche fell…and he hit his head on the ground, but…but it’s cool…they got him a van with a ramp that he drives with his teeth now, so…[sings] in your eyes, the light’s a heat in your eyes, I am complete! [back to normal] He loved that song! He loved that song! John! That’s what I’m talkin’ about with this Front Desk job thing! You are the coolest, John! You are the man! Give it up for John the front desk guy! Give it up! Stand up in your chairs! I’m out!

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