One comment on “Got a New Relationship? Got Some Advice For You….

  1. If you’re a strong person, this is excellent advice. However, for most people your advice sucks. Here’s why: folks who don’t expect anything from their partner will eventually pay the price for having no expectations. No expectations is a tool of protection within what should be an intimate, open relationship. Not having expectations prevents you from getting mad, but it also protects you and justifies your situation if your sig other does something hurtful. “He cheated on me/lied to me, but… well, I didn’t have any expectations to begin with, so I’ve decided to forgive him and move on.” I think the best thing is to absolutely have expectations, then communicate them in a loving way to your partner. Otherwise, you’re trapped in a situation where you are constantly minimising your own legitimate desires, wants and needs. Expect the best, but don’t demand it in a way that’s harmful. This piece of advice brought to you by a hero in the War on Terror.

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