3 comments on “Insert biting, regretful comment here….

  1. Ok, I know the term “LOL” is a bit overused in today’s internet-happy world. We all know that the LOL-ee is, 96.7% of the time, not *actually* laughing out loud. However, my dear friend, the image of you proposing to Mandy with a toothpick hanging out of your mouth got me. We’re not even talking “LOL,” here, because that prompted a laugh so hearty and loud I almost regurgitated my redbull. Hilarious… That said, congrats! You’ve taken the first step on your own highway to hell! (ok, kidding with that one too, but couldn’t resist throwing it in there.) So really…congratulations! I’m very happy for you guys. The fan clubs, though, …that might be a different story. Break it to them gently. ūüėČ

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