One comment on “Good Morning, My Fair Friends and Fiends…

  1. Hey there, silly boy. So, why don’t you have a facebook – or do you? If not, you should – if only to provide us another means of intermitent (I never said I could spell) and overall sparse communication. I’m working in the PAO office here at Camp Eggers, after a brief and profitable stint (I was once presented with 4 coins in one hour) as personal security detail/badass driver for the CFC-A sergeant major. So now I’m taking mostly amazing photos, learning In-Design and getting drunk off of Pepsi and near-beer. The chow is good, I haven’t been shot, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been so damn happy to be alive. Take care, old buddy old pal.”The Lyd” – That’s right – put a Lyd on it, beeyahhhhh!

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